Penglai Chemical, Inc. are an exporter of biochemical materials, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agriculture chemicals, & specialty chemicals from China since 1994. We work with customers to find more and more reliable manufacturers to achieve long-term stable supply. During this procedure, we establish close link to the highest qualified manufacturers to always offer the best. Our customers find that purchasing from us is quite efficient and cost-effective.

We have become the leader in the chemical export industry in China. We bear in mind that customer satisfaction is our hallmark. We are committed to offering competitive price and high standard quality to our customers. Some products on the product list are from the manufacturers in our area while other products are from manufacturers in other regions that have proved to be reliable in quality and service. They are ISO or even GMP certified.

Thinking about chemical dealings these years, we are very proud of all our effort to find the solutions and innovations while we are meeting and exceeding our customers' needs and expectations.

Our reputation for experience and excellency is at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email to discuss your particular requirement. We will send you our reply in a speedy manner, i.e. before overnight or 2-3 days in difficult conditions.

Penglai Chemical, Inc. has become a world chemical distributor with office in Brazil, South America, Germany, Europe, and several offices in China to link China and other main parts of the world by consolidating the supply of products and technologies of the these parts by anticipating the market trends, research and product development, direct factory representation with a network of manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. 
Our material handling and logistics department coordinates the delivery of your goods on your timetable to anywhere in the world.

ˇ°Providing outstanding service, everyday.ˇ± 
We work closely with your technical and/or purchasing department and offer comprehensive technical support from technical data to logistics handling, on-site service, material test reports for all our products and certification of ISO, GMP, Kosher etc.

ˇ°We are committed to a 24/7 work ethic.ˇ± 
This web site was designed to give our customers access to the most comprehensive understanding regarding how to achieve the highest quality products and best prices when purchasing from China. Product name is linked to its specification. This specification data of our products provides an efficient communication vehicle to even the most remote corners of the world. New products and services are constantly being added to our program, so be sure to check out future News Highlights on-line.

"We take pride in what we do with each and every customer, on each and every order, each and every day".
Knowing our products is our job. 
Helping you determine the right products for your application is our business. 
Getting the job done right the first time is our goal. 
Saving the customer time and money is the end result.


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