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Biochemical Materials

Aprotin, Injection USP24 Heparin Sodium, Crude
Bile Powder Heparinoid JSPI91 , Ox/pig Lung With Trachea
Bilirubin Heparinoid, Porcine Intestinal Mmucosa
Calcium Chondroitin, Sulfate Human Chorionic Gonadotropin(HCG), BP98
Cholic Acid Human Menopausal Gonadotropin(HMG), BP98
Chondroitin Sulphate , Bovine Hyaluronic Acid Sodium
Chondroitin Sulphate , Chicken Hyaluronidase, USP
Chondroitin Sulphate , Porcine Hyaluronidase Injection/Cosmetic, BP98
Chondroitin Sulphate , Shark Kallikrein,  Injection/Cosmetic, CP98
Chymotrypsin, Injection BP99 N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine
Cytochrome C Pancreatin
D-Glucosamine Sulphate 2NaCL Pepsin°°
D-Glucosamine Sulphate, 2KCL Phosphatide
Elastase,CP98 Sodium Glucosamine, Sulfate
Haemocoagulase for Injection Testosterone Series
Heparin Calcium Trypsine, CP2000
Heparin Sodium Injectable, BP98, USP24 Urokinase(UK), BP99
Heparin Sodium Topical, BP98, USP24


Adenosine Disodium Triphosphate-Magnesium Chloride(ATP-Magnesium Chloride), Injection Vials
Anti-Cancer Pharmaceutical Chemicals Diclofenac Sodium, BP99 Raw Material
4-Methyl-5-Ethoxyoxazole, 98% (for Vitamin B6) DL-Methionine USP23
5-fluoro-1-indanone D-Mandelic Acid & L-Mandelic Acid
Aluminum Glycinate, 98.5-101.5%, USP23 Heptanoic Acid, 99%,98%,95%
Berbenne Chloride, JP13 Isoprenaline, Hydrochloride
Camptothecine  Ketoprofen,S. R. Pellets
Carboplatin (Paraplatin), USP24 Lornoxicam
Caster Oil, Medical Grade BP93 Maleic Acid, 99.5%min
Chitosan, Tech/Food/Medical/Reagent Meloxicam, BP2000°°
Cholesterol, USP23 Metolazone, USP24
Ciclopirox Olamine Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate, USP24
Cimetidine, Hydrochloride Rutin, DAB11, NF11
Cisplatin, USP26 Synephrine 6%-95%
Clindamycin HCL, USP24/EP97 Taurine, JP8
Clindamycin Phosphate, USP23/EP97°° Troxerutin, oral/injection
Creatine,  Monohydrate Ursodeoxycholic acid(UDCA), JP10/12, USP24/26
Crotonic Acid 99%min Aluminum Monostearate, USP23
Diclofenac Potassium, S. R. Pellets Dehydrocholic acid, CP2000

Food Ingredients

2,3-Dimercaptobutane Maltitol, USP24/FCCIV
2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-dihydroxy-1,4-disucfocyclohexane Maltol, Ethyl Maltol
20-Hydroxyecdy-sterone Methyl O-benzoylbenzoate
2-Methyl-3-mercapto-furan Methyl p-Hydroxybenzoate
2-Methyl-3-methylthio-furan Methyl-(2-methyl-3-furyl)disulfide
3-Mercapto-3-butand Mixed sweeteners of acesulfame-K and aspartame
3-Polyglycergl monosterates  Molecular distilled monoglyceride
3-Polyglycergl sorbitan Mulberry Red
3-Tetrahydrothiophhenone Multodextrin
4-Methyl-5-hydroxyethylthidzole Natural ethyl 3-hydroxybutyrate
4-Polyglycergl 4-monosterates Natural frambinon
5Disodium 5'-guanylate (GMP) Natural phenylacetic acid
5H-5-Methyl-6,7-dihydrocylopentapyrazine Natural ¶¬-carotene extracts
5-Methyl-2-isopropyl-2-hexenal Neutral Proteinase
6-Polyglycergy monosterates Nisin
8-Mercapro-p-methene-l Non-Dairy Creamer
Alkaline Proteinase Non-GMO lecithin
Aluminum Sulfate, water treatment, 15.8-16%
Androstenedione Notoginseng Extract
Arachidonic acid Notoginseng Folium Sapoins
Barbituric Acid Oil-soluble Chlorophyll
Beta Sitosterol Oil-soluble Turmeric 
Bromelin Oxidized licareol
Carmine Panax Notoginsenosides
Carrageenan Papain
Carthamus Yellow Paprika Red
Casein phosphopeptide(CPP) Perilla Color
Caseinates (Calcium, Sodium) p-Hydroxybenzoic acid
Chlorohemir Phytosterol
Chlorophyll Pigment for Noodles
Collagen Casing Pimaricin
Concentrated soya phospholipides Polyglycerol fatty acid esters (PGFE)
Curcumin Purree  Propylene glycol alginate, Erythritol
Defatted Powdered Turmeric Purple Corn Red
Dihydrocoumarin Pyridine, Pyrazine, Pyrrole, Thiazole, Furan
Disodium 5'-inosinate (IMP) Red Cabbage
DL-Malic acid,    L-Malic acid Red Cabbage Pigment
D-Ribose Red Kojic Red
D-Xylose, BP98 Red Paprika Extract
Erythiritol Red Special for Wine
Erythritol, FCCIV/USP24  Riboflavine Sodium Phosphate
Ethyl 3-hydroxyhexanoate Rosmarinic Acid
Ethyl Butyrate Safflower Yellow
Ethyl Cellulose Saponified Xanthophylls
Soda Ash, light, 99.2%
Fine Konjac Powder Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)
Fructo-oligosaccharide Sodium Copper Chlorophylline
Fructose Corn Syrup Sodium methyl p-Hydroxybenzoate
g-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Sodium Propionate
Gardenia Blue somaltooligosaccharide
Gardenia Green Soy bean peptide(SBP)
Garlic Powder Soya lecithin series
Glucosyl stevia Soya phospholipides granular
Glycerol monolauraee(GML) Soya phospholipides powder
High Purity Glucomannan Stevioside
Honey source Sucralose
Hydroxy Propyl Beta Cyclodextrin Terpinyl Acetate
Hydroxypropyl-¶¬-cyclodextrin Thaumatin
Inosine + Guanosine (I+G) Tripolyglycerol monostearate (PGFE)
Inosine 5-Phosphate (IMP) Water Soluble Chlorophyll Pigment
Isoamyl aldehyde Water soluble dietary fiber
Isomaltitol, FCCIV/USP24 Water-soluble soya phospholipids
Konjac Gum Water-soluble Turmeric
L(+) Potassium acid tartrate Wheat green extracts
L(+)-Tartaric acid Xanthan Gum
Lac Dye Xanthophyll oleoresin
L-Aspartic acid Xylitol DC (tableting) 
Liquid Xylose, Liquid xylitol Xylitol, FCCIV/USP24 oral/injection grade
L-Phenylalanine Xylo-oligosaccharide
Lutein (Paste or Powder) Yellow Special for Instant Noodle
Lysozyme ¶¬-Cyclodextrin
Natamycin, FCC IV Coenzyme Q10   Isodecaprenol, USP28

Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extract

Herbal Extract List
Angelica Oil, 60% ligustilides Horse Chestnut Extract, 20% & 96%
Apple P.E., 80% Proanthocyanidins Paclitaxel, 99%
Arteannuin, 99%min CP2000 Phytosterol, 90% 95%
Beta-Sitosterol Pine Bark P.E., 90% Proanthocyanidins
Bilberry P.E., 25% anthocyanidins Quercetin, 99%
Echinacea extracts, 4:1 extract >4% Red Clover P.E., 8%; 40%
Echinacea Root Extracts, 4:1 extract >4% Resveratrol, 98%
Epimedium Brevicomum P.E., Icarin 6%,15%& 40% Silymarin DAB10,80% silymarin, 30% silybin
Evening Primrose Oil, 9% Soya Isoflavones, 40%
Hesperidin, 98%min, Light/heavy St.Johns wort, 0.15% 0.3% hypericin
Gallnut, 95%-99% ellagic acid Grape Seeds Oil, 70% Linolenic
Garlic, 1% & 2% allicin Grape Seeds Extract, 95%
Ginkgo Biloba Extract,  24% Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides,   6%Terpene Lactories        Soybean Protein

Agricultural Chemicals

2,6-Dichloropurine Deltamethrin
24-Epibrassinolide, 90% Ethephon, 80%
2-Amino-3-hydroxypyridine Ethyl 2-Indolecarboxylate
2-Amino-6-chloropurine Fluometuron
3-(2-pyridyl)propanol Forchlorfenuron(KT-30), 98%
3-Indole acetamide Gibberellic Acid(GA3), 75%, 80% & 90%
3-Indole propanoic acid Gibberellin A4+7(GA4+7) GA4; GA7
3-Indoleacetic acid(IAA) Glyphosine
3-Indoleacetonitrile Indole-2-carboxylic acid
3-Indolebutyric acid(IBA) Indole-3-carboxaldehyde
3-Indole-propenoic acid Indole-3-carboxylic acid
3-Indole-pyruvic acid Indole-3-methanol
3-Methylindole Kinetin( 6-Furfurylaminopurine), 99%
4-Bromophenoxyacetic acid Maleic hydrazide (MH)
4-Chlorophenoxyacetic acid(4-CPA) m-Bromoanisole
4-Iodophenoxyacetic acid Mepiquat chloride(Px)
5-Bromoindole Methyl Bromide, 100%, 98%+2% Chloro
6-Benzylaminopurine(6-BA), 99% Methyl-2-Indolecarboxylate
6-Chloropurine Naphthylacetamide(NAD)
Adenine, 99% O-Hydroxylphenyl phenyl propone
Alpha-Naphthylacetic Acid(NAA) Other Indole Products
Oxadixyl, 95%min
Aluminum Phosphide, 55-60% Paclobutrazol(PP333)
Magnesium Phosphide, 3gram 66% Tablets Pyranyl Benzyladenine, 98%
a-Naphthylacetonitrile Triacontanol
Beta-Naphthylacetic acid Zinc Phosphide, 80-90% Powder
B-Naphthoxyacetic acid(BNOA) p-Nitroaniline
Daminozide (B9)

Specialty Chemicals

1,2-dimethylimidazole Lithium Bromide
1-Bromo-2-Methylpropane,99% & more intermediates Lithium Hydroxide 96% & 56.5%
5-Nitro-6-Methyluracil, 98% Maleic Anhydride, 99.5%
Acetonitrile Mono Chloroacetic Acid(MCA), 98%, 99%
Butyl Benzyl Phthalate N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 
Cadmium Oxide, 99%min Propylene Glycol
Capric Acid & Caprylic Acid Propylene Oxide (PO)
Chromium Acetate & other Acetate/Sulfate/Nitrate Rosin (Polymerized Rosin, Rosin Amine, Rosin Nitril 
Gum Rosin, Gum Turpentine, Maleic Rosin)
Chloroacetic Acid, 99%min M-Nitrobenzoic Acid, 99%
Dodecanedioic acid, 99.5% Sodium Cyanate 90%min
Glycerin Sodium Methylate
Isopropyl Acetate, 99%Min Strontium Bromide & Other strontium Salts
Inorganic Pigment

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