Chemical Name:                                          2,4,4'trichloro 2'-hydroxy diphenyaxide
Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight: C12H7Cl302=289.5
CAS No.:                                                      [3380-34-5]

Structural Formula:

These products are disinfectant with characteristics of good results, safety and antibacterial popularized in advanced countries. The solution can kill staph lococcus aureus, colibacillus and Candida albicans, enteric bacilli and fungus.
These products produced by Switzerland is the same as our products.

Characteristics :
 1White crystalline powder with slight fragrance or the smell of phenol compound.
 2Solubility: dissolve slightly in water, medium solubility in dilute alkali solution, easily dissolve in organic solvents such as etyanol and acetone etc. It can be made into transparent highly condensed liquid products after dissolving in surfactants.
 3These products have good steadiness for storage.
 4These products are with low toxicity and no stimulus for skin toxicology inspections.

Quality Standards: Produced as per USP24
Appearance :         White crystalline powder
Content :                99.5%min
Melting points :      55-60degree centigrade
Loss on drying :     <0.1%
Ash :                      <0.1%
Heavy metal :        <10ppm

Usage: These products are widely used in fields of toothpaste, gargle, toilet soap, bath liquid soap, detergent, air fresher, eodoriferant, and as textile, additive of plastic products used for wound, for medical apparatus and for food machinery etc.

Package: 25kg Cardboard drum with two layer plastic bag in side.