CAS No.: 108-62-3
Formula: C8H16O4  or (C2H4O)4
Formula weight:176
Other names: Acetaldehyde Homopolymer; Acetaldehyde Tetramer
Specification ( GC )
Appearance white needle--shaped crystal
Assay min  99%
Acetaldehyde max 0.4%
Paraldehyde max 0.4%
Stabilizing agent max 0.2%
Stability lot weight ( 60?, four days) < 6%
Metaldetyde is a specific pesticide to kill and prevent molluscs, such as, snail and slug etc. It can be used in artifical rainfall, fireworks and safety match. It is called solid alcohol, too. It is used extensively in gardens, agriculture and industry etc.
Now both the quality and production scale of our Metaldehyde has ranked No.1 in China, and also be at the same level of that of LONZA company, the famous manufacturer in Swiss.

Capacity : 250 t/a

UN No. : 1332
25Kg/bucket (Paperboard)