Aluminum Phosphide, 55-60% Tablet, pellet & Sachets


This aluminum phosphide, PHOSPRO®  tablet, pellet & Sachets are made of aluminum phosphide powder, ammonium carbomate, and other ingredients. These 3.0g tablets, 0.6g pellets & the Sachets are of gray green color and are poisonous. High effective and severe poisonous Hydrogen phosphide gas is released when these tablet or pellet is exposed to the water in the air. Put in grain, feed, herb etc., this product releases the poisonous hydrogen phosphide which can effectively kill the insects and pests. The leftover of the products are picked out and still other leftover is left in the fumigated products with no harm to the fumigated products.


This product is rated as dangerous product as ALP 4.3 UN1397 PGI. So the transportation and storage has special conditions. It should be free of moisture, fire, strong sunshine and other flammable stuffs. It should be kept away from strong acid and oxide.


For detailed Aluminum Phosphide, 55-60% Tablet/pellet (MSDS) (Label) (Direction for Application), please contact us.